Cutting & Forming

The cutting and bending of raw steel into precise parts.


Removal of material to achieve desired specifications. Includes: drilling, grinding, smoothing, etc.


Fusing steel parts together to create more complex shapes and structures.

“The only reason people are not doing business with us, is because they simply haven’t heard of us.”

– Rod Knutson, Co-owner of Triple R Industries.

Get Your Parts Quicker!

  • All-in-one shop. Only we offer fabrication, machining and welding under the same roof. This means you get your parts faster.
  • 3 high-tech steel cutter machines (water, laser & fiber laser)
  • 4 week maximum delivery date for standard orders. Most orders are processed much quicker.

Delivered On-Time

  • We understand production schedules and how critical delivery dates are to production lines
  • We do offer guarantees and contractual agreements for larger, recurring projects
  • We meet projected delivery dates nearly 100% of the time. If we fail to deliver, we will make it right with you.

Done Right. Guaranteed!

  • Your parts are guaranteed to meet the exact agreed upon requirements
  • In-house inspection department checks all parts before leaving our plant
  • We exclusivley offer all the right tools & technology under one roof

Competitive Pricing

  • Our clients are often surprised at our rates (in a good way)
  • Even with all of our added value, our pricing is very competitive
  • Our technology, ability to process in-house and experience equal lower costs

Concepts & Ideas Welcome

  • Just have an idea or concept for a part you need?
  • Don’t have the expertise or computer skills to plan your project?
  • We’re experts in CAD software, and will help you design the ideal part for your project

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