TripleR would like to take a moment of our loyal customers time and for all future ones as well and express a few thoughts.

We wish for all to know that we are not only eager to do their work but very thankful as well to be able to satisfy their expectations with what we have here to offer them.

What sets us apart is this, we don’t settle for just a one-time look at your product and neither should you! Our standards are set high just where you would want them to be!

At TripleR our standard policy is simple but very effective, we are continuously checking the work being performed as we want to be sure you get what you are after.

Bottom line is this we desire to continuously provide to all our customers 100% defect free product everyday with integrity.
These are not just words as you put us to the test we can prove them!

We value our customers and very much appreciate the great work force that we have here to produce your work and we desire to continue to see you coming back for all your fabricating, machining, Laser and welding needs, let us serve you!

We have designed our new website layout very simple and clearly all the services we have for our customers manufacturing needs, along with the main services that are offered we want to also let everyone know of some very value-added services that we provide here to our customers such as Powder coating, sandblasting, thermal spray coating, plating of many types, finishing and salt bath nitriding for corrosion protection and wear resistance.

We do roll forming, heat treating and broaching, center grinding and black oxiding.

TripleR does sell bulk quantities of Raw metals to Contractors and Businesses to help in their jobs needs, please call in advance for availability and pricing.We’re the shop that’s a little off the main street beaten path here in Sparta, when you come here you can clearly see that you don’t have to have your business in the middle of a busy city to provide excellent work and service.